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Hello there, I'm Lauren Riesner...Online Thought Teacher for go-getting women who want their inside to match their outside! I'm passionate about creating thoughts that make you forge ahead even when you want to curl up and cry! The way I do it though is a little different because I know what it is like to... 

Feel like you're PRETENDING to be someone you're not.

Lay awake worrying about EVERYTHING.

Be sick and tired of DRAGGING yourself through every day.

Feel SCARED that you can't keep up the pretence for much longer.

Be ASHAMED that you should feel grateful but you don't.

Always wish life was DIFFERENT.

Well, life CAN be different...if you want it to be. I know because that was how my life was and now I have transformed it! 

The question is: Are you willing to explore the negative thought patterns that YOU are allowing and that are causing your struggle right now?

Your struggle comes from a belief that this is 'how YOUR life is'.

But a belief is simply a thought you have thought, lots of times.

It's entirely possible to create a new belief by thinking a better thought, lots of times.

So let's start by flipping some of your thoughts...

  • Why ARE you pretending to be someone you're not? Who do you want to be, if not yourself? If there is something about yourself that you truly do not like, work on that facet of you, don't hide it away. But ask yourself...why don't you like that part of you? Is it because it doesn't fit in with others the way you think it should? How might you feel if you didn't try so hard to fit in with others?
  • Laying awake worrying about everything won't fix anything. You already know that, but knowing it hasn't changed your behaviour so far. What hidden beliefs are fuelling this uncomfortable habit of yours? Remember, a belief is simply a thought you've thought lots of times but that doesn't mean it's true.
  • Dragging yourself through the day is a direct result of laying awake worrying, rather than getting a good night's sleep. It's a direct result of wasting mental energy pretending to be someone you're not. And it's a direct result of a hidden belief that says 'life isn't easy'. Why shouldn't life be easy? Why can't your life be easier? 
  • Your fear that you won't be able to keep up the pretence for much longer is trying to tell you something but whilst it makes you fearful, you are unlikely to want to think about it. Have you ever thought that your fear could be seen in a positive way? 
  • Your shame about not being grateful for the life you have, comes directly from the negative filter through which your thoughts appear in your mind. It's like a water filter that filters out impurities leaving clean water behind. But your filter is filtering out more postive thoughts leaving negative thoughts behind. What might your life be like if it were the other way around and you were left with positive thoughts?

When you answer my questions to yourself you will use that same negative filter that your brain accepts as the truth. And right now you will be thinking up all kinds of reasons not to just go with the flow of what you are reading. You will be creating resitance that tells you it can't be as simple as finding and banning your negative thoughts.

But it is!

A Negative Thought Finder session WILL find your negative thoughts. The difference this can make to your life is transformational, if you are willing to work on it. 

  • Imagine waking up each day knowing you have control over the issues in your life. No-one has a perfect life with no problems whatsoever but imagine knowing how to put your worries into perspective so that the negativity surrounding your life disappears.
  • Imagine that many of your worries have now disappeared completely because you no-longer pretend to be someone you're not. Think what it would be like to go through life confident in your own skin, unafraid of being found out because everyone knows who you are!
  • Imagine that dragging yourself through your day has become a thing of the past and even if things do get a little heavy you recognise the thoughts causing this and can stop it in it's tracks.  
  • Picture your shame for feeling guilty about not appreciating your life disappearing before your eyes because your negative filter has gone with it. 
  • Imagine life just getting better and better. 

That is how life is for some people. You know the ones. They're the people who appear to sail through life without any problems. But do you really believe they never have any problems or do you see that maybe, just maybe, they do have problems but they're better at dealing with them than you are?

These are the people who understand that certain types of thought are negative and will not serve them well, if they dwell on them. They understand that no matter how justified they believe a thought is, if it makes them feel bad, they are better off not thinking it.

You could be like that too!

And in answer to that thought that just flitted across your mind...

Are you telling me that there isn't ANY possibility whatsoever that you can learn to identify your negative thoughts? Really? No chance at ALL?...Never?

That kind of thought dictates what you believe to be possible and it closes down your opportunities in life dramatically. It is a negative thought!

I wonder what other negative thoughts you have?

Come and find out with my Negative Thought Finder!

It's a 30 minute session via video link with me, during which we will: 

  • Talk about your life and what you want from it. 
  • I'll ask you some simple questions so that it all flows beautifully. 
  • I will note of all the negative thoughts contained within your words.

After the session:

  • I will send your results in an email so you become aware of your negative thoughts as soon as possible.
  • I will give you 2 free email sessions with me to answer any questions you may have and get you off to a fabulous start with banning your negative thoughts!

Remember the transformation identifying and banning your negative thoughts will bring when you put what you have learned into practise:

  • Waking up with a sense of optimism rather than trepidation for your day because you now recognise the thoughts that make you fearful and you know how to ban them!
  • Knowing that you no-longer have to say 'yes' to everyone because you know who you are and you don't have to pretend to be someone else!
  • Feeling light and easy within yourself because you are no-longer dragging negative baggage around with you!
  • Being grateful for your life because you now view it through a positive filter!
  • Feeling strong enough to change the parts of your life that aren't working out for you because your confidence levels are now much greater!
  • Understanding that this is just the beginning of the positive changes you can make to your life!

As with all change, you have to take that first positive step towards your goal. I know what that is like, I was like you once. And I also know that one small step today will set you on the path to success tomorrow. Come on, I promise you it won't be scary. Hold my hand and we'll take that first step together...

A Negative Thought Finder session is £30 for 30 minutes. That's less than you'd spend on a session at the hair salon and what you'll learn will last infinitely longer than your hair style! You can book via my automated calendar and pay using Paypal or Stripe!

Click the button below to book your Negative Thought Finder Session and feel the release that not listening to your negative thoughts brings!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. You can email me at

Much love

Lauren <3